Absorption dryers cold-regenerated

Ultrapac 2000 heatless desiccant dryers (midi & mini) provide clean and dry air at pressure dew points of -40 ºC and -70 ºC. Their turnkey modular design includes a preinstalled coalescing pre-filter and particulate after-filter. The desiccant is contained in easy-to-replace cartridges. The microprocessor controller alerts the operator of the optimal time to replace filter elements, keeping maintenance and operating costs at a minimum. Information regarding the operating status, fault indications and maintenance intervals can be seen on an easy-to-read text display. A capacity control adjusts the adsorption cycles to the actual water inlet load therefore saving regeneration and at the same time reducing operating costs. An Economizer provides on-line information regarding the optimum exchange point for filter elements

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Ultapac 2000mini Standard i Superplus V=5-25m3/h (EN)

Ultapac 2000midi Standard i Superplus V=35-100m3/h (EN)

Ultrapac Classic HED/ALD/MSD heatless desiccant compressed air dryers benefit from decades of design and fabrication experience by Donaldson. Our dryers are designed to consistently provide quality air with high energy efficiency in a flow range from 5 to 8.750 m³/h at 7 bar g. Operation is fully automatic with a guaranteed outlet dew point at one of three pre-selected settings: HED, –20 °C pdp; ALD, -40 °C pdp; MSD, -70 °C pdp. Each dryer in the 5-1000 m³/h flow range is enclosed in a protective cabinet with easy-to-remove panels. All Ultrapac Classic dryers are supplied with preinstalled pre-filters and after-filters. The coalescing pre-filter is equipped with the Ultramat® zero-loss condensate drain. The compact design of Ultrapac dryers takes up a minimum of floor space.

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Ultrapac HED-20c, ALD-40c, MSD-70c, V=5-1000m3/h, P=4-16bar

Ultrapac HED-20c, ALD-40c, MSD-70c, V=1350-8750m3/h, P=4-10bar

High pressure adsorption dryer, heatless regenerating, pre-, and afterfilter included

Compressed air is lead through the inlet of the dryer and across the prefilter . At this stage, the air is cleaned from particles and condensate. The condensate is removed via a manually operated drain  or optional via a automatic condensate drain . Via a 4/2-way ball valve (KH1), the air is lead into the adsorption vessel , in which the air is dried down to the required pressure dewpoint. Via a non-return valve , the air is let into an afterfilter , in which possibly released particles from the desiccant are retained. Via the outlet , the clean and dry air is lead into the compressed air network and to the point of use. While one vessel is in the drying phase (adsorption), the other vessel is being dried again (regeneration). Regeneration of the moisture-laden desiccant is achieved with a partial flow of the dried medium. At the start of regeneration, the 4-way ball valve (KH2) is switched to the position “depressurizing”. In this way the adsorber is brought down to atmospheric pressure. The compressed air passes out of the system through the silencer . In the 2nd step the 2-way ball valve is opened. A partial flow of the dried medium flows through a bypass in the upper piping and through the regenerating adsorber out to the atmosphere across a silencer .

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HLP PN25-40, V = 40-1130m3/h,P=17-25bar

HLP PN100-400, V = 55-1050m3/h (EN)

With flows from 5 to 1000m3 / h and Ultrapac 2000 (mini and midi) in Standard and Superplus versions

   Oilfreepac 2000 Single

Apart from other heatless adsorption dryers, Oilfreepac 2000 includes integral activated carbon filters for removing hydrocarbon and other vapors for critical applications where the demand is oil-free and odor-free air.

The Oilfreepac 2000 is available in the 5 to 100 m³/h / 3 to 59 scfm range


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Oilfreepac OFP V=5-1000_m3/h P=4-16bar

OFP 2000mini Standard i Superplus v=5-25m3/h, P=4-16bar (EN)

OFP 2000midi Standard i Superplus v=5-25m3/h, P=4-16bar (EN)

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